The 7 Deadly Sins of launching a Corporate VC

Corporate venturing is the cool new shiny toy in the innovation playbook. So cool and shiny, that I'm losing track of the new CVC arms being launched- eager to join the VC bandwagon, and provide an added ooomph-factor to their innovation pursuits. Being a corporate investor has never been sexier than now. But launching a … Continue reading The 7 Deadly Sins of launching a Corporate VC

I build tech startups and disrupt business models for Ricolab, a leading Swiss Corporate Innovation Lab. 2 SaaS startups down and one exit under my belt. Startup Mentor and VC-enabler for early-stage founders. I'm all about the business model and numbers. I try and figure out where the market is going before it becomes cool.

I write here about my experience and thoughts about startups & VC. I have a strong opinion about entrepreneurship. Interested? Head over here for a more critical analysis of the startup world. I talk on Twitter and you can reach out on LinkedIn.